Sunday, September 23, 2007

ed mcmahon? really?

dreamt that i was flipping through channels on tv and came across an old game/variety type show in black and white. there were three men standing on stage. two of them were in weird costumes (one of them looked like johnny carson's carnac character) and then there was ed in a tux.

ed started off the show by throwing a ping-pong ball in the air. it came down, bounced off of his shoe, then bounced off of another man's head and then made it back to ed.

in my dream i laughed a really loud, gut-type laugh at the absurdity of it and then i woke up.

i'm pretty sure i laughed out loud in my dream and that's what woke me up, though no one was around to verify this for me.

ed mcmahon? johnny carson? carnac? i didn't realize i had any of these people filed anywhere in my brain. i have no idea where this dream came from. but it was great to wake up laughing.

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