Thursday, September 27, 2007

al pacino et al

I had a really surreal dream this morning between punches on the snooze button. I dreamed that my husband and I were walking down a downtown street in some large city. We saw a group of people and realized that it was a mafia funeral procession (which I immediately knew meant more impending bloodshed). Before we could get out of there, we were recognized and coat-tailed by Al Pacino (who was surprisingly short). He started walking arm in arm with us toward our house, talking about how from now on we would be doing each other lots of favors.

At another point in the dream, there was a song-and-dance number performed by a variety of racist neighborhood residents who were protesting the "invasion" of their neighborhood by Asian immigrants. The ones who really stand out in my mind were a particularly vehement grandmother who swore she wouldn't step outside her house until the immigrants were gone, and a couple of annoying teenage male twins with hipster haircuts who made lots of half-hippy-half-gangster hand gestures.

There was another episode involving a fish who had been given to us by a neighbor who turned out to be a "world-renowned seafood chef" (thanks to Top Chef for influencing my dreams!). He had been fishing and given us a tagged fish, which apparently was somehow still alive and started flopping around scarily on our balcony after escaping its bucket.

Oh, and Humbert Humbert later made an appearance, reading "Lolita" (in German?) to a bearded female teenager who was sitting on his lap.


I Hope So said...

i think this has been my favorite dream yet.

Cerise said...

Yep, that was totally awesome. I'm so glad you joined!