Friday, November 5, 2010

Sarah Palin's National Geographic Cameo

I've gotten woefully behind at reporting my dreams, but I couldn't let this one go unchronicled. This was night before last, and I couldn't have avoided the all-day political reporting even if I'd tried, so I'm sure the overdose was what caused this.

I was reading the National Geographic, which is one of my favorite real-life pastimes, and had gotten to the Letters to the Editor section. A woman was writing in about something they'd mentioned in an article or blurb that I had missed in a past issue. The missed article had apparently mentioned and quoted a man named Lewis, who had predicted that Sarah Palin would have a major political win in the future. The woman writing in was extremely excited about this, saying that she knew "the Lewises" in real life, that they were just wonderful people, and how had National Geographic gotten ahold of this "revelation" (!!??!!?? [punctuation marks taken from the letter]). Had National Geographic intercepted an e-mail from "Pastor Lewis"? This was wonderful news (!!!!). "Can you tell us more??!!??!!??"

Last night I returned to form with a tiring dream about group travel featuring an altercation with my sister after she told me that my underwear (when clean; this was all about the state of my overall stock of clean underwear) smelled bad. I think this may have been prompted by my realization the other day that it had been years and years since I've had any kind of disagreement with my sister and that it would seem very strange.

A few nights before that I had another dream in which I was traveling in India, first with my husband and then with my parents. The part with my husband followed our usual real-life pattern of him wanting to take things at a faster pace than I did ("yeah, this is nice, but we can't hang around too long or we'll miss such-and-such other place"). There were a lot of really neat aesthetic details in this dream.

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sprinkles said...

I had kind of an interesting dream yesterday when I took a nap. I'm not really sure of the specifics at all but I do remember someone saying they were going to "lower the sky" for me. I'm not sure why or even HOW they were going to do this. LOL I wish I could remember more but that's the only thing that stood out for me when I woke up.

My father is a huge Sarah Palin fan. He would love it if she won some major political election.

Funny about your sister and your underwear. What was she doing smelling your underwear anyways? lol

Ah, yes! I always seem to end up on vacay with people who only want to glance at things and move on "because we don't want to miss anything." And yet, we're missing EVERYTHING because they don't take time to look at the small details.