Monday, October 4, 2010

rahm and his medium-size domestic animal

The backstory is very confused as to how I got there and why, but I dreamed that I was attending a fancy party in an extremely expensive French apartment. Picture high ceilings, historic details, fancy stuff all around in a rococo style. At one point I drew a curtain back and was embarrassed to realize that I had unveiled a sleeping area composed of a gigantic bed. The hostess (random dream hostess*) was very nice about it, though.

The table had been partially set already, and then there was some shuffling around and we had to switch our seating arrangement. For some reason I was really agitated by the fact that people were no longer sitting in front of their preferred drink (all were very G-rated beverages like milk and orange juice, although one of the guests bore an eerie resemblance to Karl Lagerfeld, and I thought I read somewhere that he subsisted on Coke Zero).

At one point I looked out the window to check on a mild commotion below and saw Rahm Emmanuel a couple of stories below in the courtyard. He was throwing something (a treat?) to a medium-size domestic animal who was perched on a ledge about 15 feet off the ground. Unfortunately I don't remember if the animal was a goat or pig, but whatever it was, Rahm started scaling the wall to reach it. I was impressed at his climbing ability, but wondered what had gotten him and the animal into this unusual situation.

*Although I'm pretty sure that the fancy apartment was influenced by a blog I was perusing the other day, the hostess was not the blog's writer, just a random subconscious invention.

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♥ Sallie said...

That is one cool dream!