Thursday, January 7, 2010

get thee to a nunnery!

I had an interesting variation on the back-to-school/moving-into-a-dorm dream last night: I dreamed that I was going to be living in a convent! I wasn't actually planning on becoming a nun, but I was planning on living there for a year or so and studying. There were actually two convents side by side. One was modern, with great facilities and possibly a somewhat different theological orientation (although I'm not sure about that; maybe I was just going by the cushier environment). The one I was going to stay in, though, was pretty rudimentary, to the point of not even having hot water (?!). There was some uncertainty at first about which convent was in charge of my course of study, and I was a little disappointed to find that I would be in the primitive one. But then it occurred to me that I could view this as a supplement to my year of intense spiritual study and it would be very bracing and back-to-basics.

My husband* drove me and my belongings there to move into the dorm, and after some confusion about parking, we ended up parking on a nice flagstone patio that I'm pretty sure was not intended for parking (the flower pots and seating were a tip-off). We found my room and I started arranging my things; the rooms were more pleasant than I would have thought after seeing their primitive bathroom setup. My roommate was a Norwegian girl whose blog and flickr stream I sometimes visit, and she seemed very nice, so I was getting excited about my school year.

Just before waking up, I was talking to the person responsible for assigning work in the convent. He was telling me that I would be continuing my present job during the year, but launched into an ominous-sounding spiel about having "reevaluated the salary", and "in view of the present financial situation we have concluded..."--and then I woke up before I could find out how much (or rather how little) they were going to pay me. My husband pushed his snooze button and I tried halfheartedly to get myself back into the dream so I could end the suspense, but it didn't work.

*I find it highly amusing that my husband was cheerfully and supportively dropping me off for a year of separation in a convent.


Leah said...

Hmm, no hot water does indeed sound "bracing." Also "terrible."

I wish I had more of these very specific dreams. Mine are always so weird and random.

mandy said...

as always, very detailed and highly entertaining. you really should get paid for your dreams!

strovska said...

ooh, that would be my dream job! (sorry, i had to do it....)