Friday, December 4, 2009

State Dinner

I dreamed that I was a member of Barack Obama's staff and was attending some kind of White House event with other staffers. Most of the dream was about getting ready to go, with the usual drama of finding things, looking for things, etc.

We gathered in a group before walking to the event location. I was taller than everyone else (yes, always, even in real life), including Mr. Obama, who was surprisingly short in the dream. Everyone was wearing subdued colors, as befits a group of staff members. Lots of black, brown, etc.

I was proud of my outfit, which I felt fit the subdued color palette while remaining unique: black silky, long sleeved T shirt; brown striped knee-length skirt, brown knee socks, red sneakers (these are all clothes that I own in real life, but have never worn in combination, though I'm not afraid to wear black with brown).