Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More old friends

I dreamed that my high school friend S, who lives for real in Seattle, lived in Bellingham, Washington. She decided to take a vacation to Seattle, along with our friend strovska and a friend from high school named J (who as far as I know, neither strovska, S, or I have spoken to in years).

On their trip, they took lots of pictures and decided to print them up in a very glossy (and VERY large--coffee table book sized) picture book. They also write up some interesting, and also quite long, magazine-style articles about the locations and activities in the photos. Things like, "Among the quaint teashops and antique stores, one can find a restful jewel of a cafe, where we enjoyed exquisite tea and sweet snacks on this chilly autumn afternoon." Just as thought it was in a Martha Stewart magazine.

All three of them looked as they do now, but they were wearing clothes that in my dream I remembered from high school. Big, chunky, fuzzy sweaters in early-90s style, for example.

Because S is pregnant in real life, there was a picture of her "resting" in the back seat of a horse-drawn carriage on a cobblestone street (right, this is in Seattle???). There were lots of pictures of them wrapped up in stylish scarves, lounging around tiny sidewalk tables, sipping tea, or strolling up narrow streets while window-shopping.

I remember being very impressed with the size (and heft) and quality of this photo book.


CëRïSë said...

That book sounds... impressive! I laughed out loud at the caption.

strovska said...

ha! at least we had stylish scarves.