Thursday, November 19, 2009

money problems

I had a really sad dream last night. It was sadder in retrospect than while I was dreaming. My husband and I were breaking up--I say "breaking up" because I think in the dream we weren't actually married. Apparently we had been having a lot of issues (in the dream) about money management and autonomy. The plan was to remain friends and pursue some kind of semi-together-but-not-romantic relationship. I was resigned to it, since in the dream I was worn out from our constant conflicts. I wasn't too sad until we encountered a situation where he needed some kind of little thing--maybe a snack? I was going to buy the item from a convenience store with a couple of dollars in quarters, but he stopped me and told me that if we weren't going to be a couple anymore I had to pay with my card so we could strictly divide expenses. I got rather upset and said, "But for something that costs $2? What if I just want to give it to you as a gift?"

Anyway, it was an unpleasant dream to have not long before waking up. I think that right after that, and just before waking up, I distracted myself by moving on to some clothing-related mini subplot.

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Curly Sue said...

I agree that sometimes dreams are WAY more upsetting upon waking than during the actual dream. It's those that scare me the most.

Does it ever make you think that we're kind of crazy to go to sleep every night, never knowing where we're going that night?