Wednesday, June 17, 2009

murder and houses and babies and dogs and rainn wilson

not sure where one dream ended and the others began...

i had gotten some sort of a flier and saw a commercial simultaneously about ridiculously fancy homes with all kinds of amenities - hot tubs and lookout towers (?) - and the commercial and flier touted that these homes could be rented for super cheap. i showed the flier to my now roommates and told them that i didn't know if it was a hoax but maybe we should check it out. we went to one of the homes at night and met with the realtor lady. oh, and a big selling point was that you could have has many dogs as you'd like while living there. somewhere during the meeting/tour, it was determined that the owners of these super nice houses had all been murdered and that's why rent was so cheap. and that's when i had a flash back to a sentence on the flier that said "why let a little murder stand in the way of living your dreams"? oh, i thought, that's what that meant. i also learned during the meeting/tour that most people who have participated in this special "offer" came home to find that their dogs were killed. we decided to pass.

at some point one of my roommates was pregnant. she was very calm and collected about the whole thing, which surprised me because of the not being married and having a strict chinese mother thing. she asked if i would be ok with having a baby as a roommate as well because she didn't want to move. i was fine with it.

i was at my old place of employment (hospital) and was wandering around for some reason. i had a shopping cart. a 20 something girl came up and stood next to my shopping cart and smiled at me as she combined tomato juice and vodka in a secret container for her to drink while at the hospital. she then put the rest of the tomato juice in my cart, leaving it to drip where ever i went. i was very angry about this - like super angry and offended that she would do such a thing to me! i found the complaint desk and made a formal complaint and felt very vindicated in doing so. i think i also called her a bitch as she got into her car to drive off.

i was walking in a downtown area looking for a place to eat. i realized that i was with an ex and was confused about why we would be hanging out and having dining together. i decided we must be friends now. we had dinner at a chinese restaurant and the whole experience was rather lovely. when we left the restaurant it was raining. i did not have an umbrella, he did. he left me to walk back to the car in the rain as he ran off ahead with his umbrella. i mumbled something along the lines of wow, he is still such an ass.

i was outside of the hospital i was at a couple of sequences ago. it was night time. a man ran up to me asking me about a little boy named "walter". the man was frantic. i realized the little boy was rainn wilson's (dwight on the office) son and that the man was the boy's uncle and rainn wilson's brother. it turned out the boy had died while in his uncle's care. i felt so sorry for both rainn for losing his son and for his brother for having to carry the guilt.


CëRïSë said...

"Why let a little murder stand in the way of living your dreams?" made me laugh--but wow, were those intense dreams!

strovska said...

this whole thing made me laugh, although i felt bad about laughing at poor rainn wilson's loss.

Curly Sue said...

Oh man, I was going to say the same thing Ceri said. That phrase made me laugh.

Also when you said "Oh, so that's what that meant."