Friday, June 19, 2009

Havin' Babies

I dreamed that I was pregnant accidentally. This dream wasn't about discovering the fact, though. The dream was about the very end of the pregnancy, when I was just about to have the baby. I was getting some warning pains and thought maybe we should go to the hospital. My boyfriend said he'd check (!!) and after taking a look, he said we had some time.

I went to change clothes before we left. [Aside: I'm proud of myself because I had a clothing-specific dream here, like some of the other contributors to this blog: Mandy, Strovska, Ceri.] I put on a combination of clothes that made me really happy in the dream: Jeans that were cut off around the knee area, calf-high brown leather boots, a green empire waisted shirt, a white chunky-knit cowl-necked cardigan. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that this outfit wasn't quite hospital-appropriate so I changed clothes into my usual jeans/t-shirt/hoody/sandals.

At this point, I was having some contractions, so we left for the hospital. Upon arriving, however, the pain sort of stopped and we were kind of confused. My boyfriend decided to go and get snacks for us. I was just kind of waiting around.

Throughout the dream, I kept seeing flashes of intertitles like the title boards in silent movies that show up between scenes to explain the action/dialog. Except in this dream, they were all cover pages from finding aids, which is what I'm writing at work. I saw these title pages as though they were appearing in MS Word (with blue background and everything).

Throughout the dream, I kept thinking about how this pregnancy was an accident, but it would all be ok because I could get a baby backpack. For some reason, that was helpful to imagine. All in all, I'm surprised by my completely calm acceptance of what I'm sure would be a terrifying situation for me.


strovska said...

ha! the idea of the boyfriend being a pregnancy expert is really funny, unless he has talents i don't know about. and i think the outfit sounds completely hospital-appropriate, although i'm having a hard time picture a cowl neck on a cardigan (give me some ideas, though).

CëRïSë said...

Clothing dreams are fun! Baby dreams, not so much...