Sunday, May 31, 2009

A question of timing.

So the other night I was in the Outback a couple of km from Uluru sleeping under a shelter in a rented sleeping bag in a swag with 22 friends all in their own sleeping bags and swags. This isn't the dream yet, I'm just bragging.

In the dream a woman came back from the future to find me, because she remembered that done it. She didn't know when she was supposed to come back, only that she did. She had important information for me about something I had to do, except she didn't know if it was the right time to tell me. She didn't know how far away from the time I needed to do this thing we were and if she told me too soon i wouldn't do it, or I might do it at the wrong time. I got the feeling that it was something that I would do only if I found out when i was already in the middle of it, otherwise I would avoid the things that would lead up to me having to do it. That was the dream, her trying to figure out if she were in the right time to give me the information that I would need.

Then I woke up.

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