Sunday, May 31, 2009

DocErn and Neil Gaiman

I dreamed that I was going to attend a book signing at a bookstore owned/managed by DocErn of Sights and Ramblings. I was quite excited because I was going to meet both Neil Gaiman (whose book I would get signed) but also DocErn, who I hadn't met before (and still haven't). I got to the bookstore, bought the book, and decided I'd ask DocErn to autograph the book too. She was very busy, of course, because it was a book-signing day and she was racing all over the store.

I waited at the counter for her, as my dream gave me some kind of passing-of-time montage, sort of like in movies when the leaves fall off the trees and then grow again in spring. This montage was to show me that a lot of time passed while I was waiting at the counter. Strangely, though, I wasn't afraid that Neil Gaiman would leave.

Ern finally signed my book, which had somehow turned into a T-shirt. I then walked over to Neil Gaiman's table. He sat there alone, with no one in line, and I assumed he was tired and almost ready to leave. But as soon as I got close to the table, a lot of people materialized around me and in front of me, so I was waiting in line again.

He signed my T-shirt/book finally and he looked just as sepulchral in real life as in his pictures. He was very nice to me as he signed away.

Later the dream changed and I was at a family event at which there were presents (Christmas?). We were packing up our gifts to go home and I kept looking for different things, but was hindered by a huge fluffy dog that kept wanting to lick me. Finally I was all packed up, but everyone was still talking. I killed time by doing a yoga pose that I've NEVER been capable of doing. As I was in the dream-pose, I kept wondering if I was doing it right, since it was so unusual that I could do it.

And the dog kept licking me.


Ern said...

Ooh, I'm a bookstore owner, huh? Neato!

Sounds like you feel like you are waiting for something/can't get something done?

Zinc said...

I've met Neil Gaiman!!! It was at the WonderCon in Oakland, I was 16 or 17. I'd not yet read any of his books, the only way I knew him was as the writer for the comic Sandman and as the creator of Angela, a character for the comic Spawn. I went over to have him sign a poster with my friend. He asked us "what did you think of Angela?" We both told him that we thought she was cool. He said "Really? I thought she was kind of a bitch."

The End

strovska said...

the licking dog detail is weirdly random, seeing as you don't have a dog.