Monday, May 18, 2009

nap dream

i was in my bedroom taking a midday nap (much like i was doing in real life) when something smacked me in my mouth. i tried to wake up to figure out what happened, but it was a struggle to open my eyes. when i finally got them opened, it took another several minutes for them to focus. it was a very frustrating couple of dream minutes. my eyes finally focused enough to see that i was hit by stuffed football that had rough, sand papery laces. my lip felt scratched and slightly fattened.

i was very confused as to who would throw a stuffed football at my face while i was sleeping and even more confused why anyone would be in my house at all. around this time i heard the shower start up in the bathroom inside my bedroom. my first guess was that my father must be visiting me and that i was still half-asleep and had somehow forgotten that he was here visiting me (throwing a stuffed football at my face while i am napping and he is on his way to the shower is something my father would definitely do). so i called out "daaaaaad, daaaaaad". and a male voice answered from the bathroom and said "no, this isn't your dad" and laughed. "something isn't right" i thought, and i struggled to get out of a tangle of covers and up on my feet. my eye sight was still blurry.

i stumbled out into the living room to see if my roommates were home and could explain to me what was going on. the living room was empty but there was a college-aged girl at the screen door trying to come in. she had a key. i stood in her way and asked her what was going on. she was annoyed that i was in her way and tried to squirm around me and into the house. at this point i became rather irriated and demanded she tell me why she was at my house. i said something along the lines of look, i don't want to be a bitch, but this is my house and you need to explain to me why you have a key. if you are a friend of one of my roommates, that's cool. but you need to explain yourself to me because I LIVE HERE. i was purposefully giving her the benefit of the doubt by assuming she was a friend of my roommates. my roommates are chinese and the friends they bring over have all been chinese as well. this girl was white. but she did have a key chain from the univeristy they attend, so i thought maybe it was a classmate.

the girl gave me attitude and continued to try to squeeze past me into my house. this time i raised my voice and stated in a very stern manner back the fuck up. you are not coming into my house without telling me why you are here. at which point she gave a frustrated sigh and said fine, sometimes i come here with bob, too. see, i don't lie about EVERYTHING. somehow i instinctively knew that the guy inside my house was not named bob and this meant that she comes to my house with different guys when i am not home. i looked at her a little closer (my eyes were fully focused at this point) and said something like oh, it's you. didn't we go through this last time. you can't break into people's houses to take showers and hang out. give me back my key now. she fussed about need to go and get her laundry first (she was also using our laundry facilities, she had really made herself right at home). i demanded she take the key off of her key ring and give it to me that instant. as she was doing this, i remembered thing that she was a very normal and pretty looking college girl who did not at all seem like the type who would break into people's homes to use their stuff. she finally handed me back the key. the whole conversation/confrontation took place in the doorway.

just as she handed me back my key, the guy who was in my room taking a shower walked out. he was tall and had a beard and was wearing a tshirt and cords and was in the process of putting on a sweater as he walked into the living room. i told him he needed to give me back my key and leave. he rolled his eyes and mumbled awww, man and followed my directions. as he walked out my door and down the stairs, the girl became upset that he was leaving her. she called after him in a very whiny voice, much like a spoiled little girl paul... paul... paul... PAUL!

and that's how i woke up.

i'm intrigued at how much physical sensation i am experiencing in my last few dreams. contractions, heartbeats, being smacked in the mouth... weird.


strovska said...

haha! i don't really know why, but i found this one hilarious. very detailed.

Curly Sue said...

Oh, I've had dreams like this, in which part of the dream is about me being asleep. It's very confusing when you wake up. I'm always a little foggy and headache-y.

strovska said...

that reminds me, i had a dream where i woke up and went to stand in front of our guest-bedroom window. i was so confused when i woke up in my bed just after that.