Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Accidental Secret Angel

I was driving on a snowy road following a friend of mine. I had a vantage point of the road from overhead, even though I was still driving my SUV. There were 3 or 4 cars ahead of us. I saw my friends car swerve, go slightly off the road and then get back on. I tried to slow down by taking my foot off the gas, but when I came to the same spot in the road, my SUV did the same. We continued down the road talking to each other on the phone. Then one of the cars in front of us slammed on the brakes. She tried to go around, but skid and flipped her car landing on the roof. I tried to slow down and my car flipped completely over landing on all four wheels. I got out unharmed and tried to rescue my friend who was disoriented. Some strange guy came up to my car and tried to go after her but I pulled a gun to protect myself. I felt like I was just pointing my fingers like a gun, but I could tell to him it looked like a real gun. He didn't think I was going to use it. So I made a sound like I was cocking it back and heard the click. He still didn't believe I was going to shoot, so I said bang bang and he was actually shot. I ran upstairs in the building nearby and ran into a college classmate. At first he didn't believe I had gotten into an accident, then I told him again - sent the thought to his mind - and then he did. He went to help my friend.

Scene switch: Another man was after me, following me, trying to kill me. He said he knew my secret. I made a finger gun. He shot at me but his bullets didn't hit me. I pointed my finger at him and shot him about 5 or 6 times before he went down.

Scene switch: With another guy that I liked. We were trying to have sex in a room where my brother was sleeping. We were on the floor in front of a chest of drawers. The guy reached in for a condom (looked like part of a fishnet stocking). He knew I was an angel or had some special powers and wanted to have sex with me. I clapped my hands above my head and created a force field around us, which blocked sounds and made us invisible to people on the outside. I could see my brother sleeping in the bed (like the one in our childhood bedroom). He kept looking over as if he heard a noise, but I could tell he didn't see us having sex. I was on top and the guy was laying on his back. I pulled him to sit up inside the force field to make sure he was completely inside. Then my brother got out of his bed and walked out the door looking for us. I had to be quick to bring the guy to orgasm before we had to go back. Then I heard other people looking for us, so I clapped my hands again and made the guy disappear. I grabbed his pants and walked out the door throughout the house, pretending I was looking for him and saying he must have gone for a walk.


Curly Sue said...

Wow! Scenes two and three are very powerful.

CëRïSë said...

Yep, that is some crazy dreamin'! I'm not sure whether I like the finger gun or the force field better.

strovska said...

wow, finger guns with real bullets!