Monday, March 23, 2009

Weight loss, dogs in the sand

I'm sitting in my office at work and overhear three colleagues talking about another colleague (KQ).  One of the men is saying that KQ is always eating, but needs to lose a little weight.  I don't hear the other two say anything in her defense.  KQ comes in my office with tears in her eyes because she has overheard the conversation.  I take her for a walk outside and tell her I heard the same conversation.  I tell her the guy is an a--hole and she shouldn't listen to him.  He's 42, still single, out of shape and doesn't exercise. KQ tells me what hurt more was that the other two colleagues (her friends) didn't say anything in her defense.  I say it is hard to say something in that situation.  She asks me what I would say.  I tell her I would have thrown it back in the guy's face - tell him he's not in the best shape either.  But that is because I know how he is and the other two colleagues think he is so smart.  

We walk back to the office, which is near the beat.  We have to go up stairs to cross over a covered bridge to get to the other side of the pier.  We go down the stairs and end up on the beach in very deep sand.  It is very difficult to walk in.  I see a dog covered in sand.  I can't really tell if the dog is alive.  I think I see it blink, but cannot be sure.  KQ is walking ahed of me and now another colleague, YS, is with us.  I fall down in the sand and see another dog.  I have trouble standing up and have to get on all fours.  The dogs perceive me as a threat and start to move.  I realize I have to stnad up.  I crawl to the edge, past the sand and KQ and YS slowly help me up.  We walk down the path with the dogs following us until we walk past the public bathrooms.  They turn around and go back once we are out of their "territory". We walk back to the office.  I wanted to tell KQ that she has gained weight and offer to work out with her, but the dog situation threw me off.

I get back to my desk and start to work, but I can tell it is late in the day.  I heat up something in the microwave and then some guy brings me food.  YS and KQ come by and invite me out.  They say they've checked my calendar and I am free.  I say, "I don't have tango or anything?" - they tell me I do not.  I try to bring my two meals with me one is some Indian dish with chickpeas and the other is linguine with clams sauce. Both meals are in pouches which make it difficult to carry.  I try to balance these without spilling their contents as I head downstairs.

Scene switches, I am in the car with a man that is my husband and our son (about 9 or 10 years old).  We are in the back of a limousine.  I say something about my beautiful boy.  It feels like we are in a foreign country.

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strovska said...

the first part of this dream sounded so realistic that i actually forgot i was reading a dream blog. it was kind of disorienting!