Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The best snippet of last night's dream, and maybe of this year's dreams to date, was me swinging on a rope swing. I don't know what it was attached to, but it was something very high and the rope was very long. As I swung out in a curving arc, hands clenched around the rope, I saw things far below me, as if I were in an airplane. I was going relatively slowly, but centrifugal force was pulling the rope outward. There was a sense of danger (I knew I had to hold on tightly), but also of complete exhilaration, like I was flying. It was incredible.

In another snippet, I realized I wasn't eating well because I was afraid of opening my refrigerator.


I Hope So said...

this dream sounds just deeeelightful. i'm putting it on my list for tonight.

strovska said...

i like the part about being afraid to open your refrigerator!