Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Family Man

I know there was more to this dream but here's what I remember:

I was Homer Simpson.

There was some sort of race that I wasn't supposed to be in, but since I was Homer Simpson, when did that ever stop me.

Except I was really not Homer Simpson, at least, not right then.

I remember hanging, maybe by my arms, from something. There were three of us there. One clearly human to one side, but myself and the thing next to me were just short rectangular dowels of lead. There were other lead pieces floating around, mostly on a two paths that diagonally intersected the line created by the three of us hanging there. They met our line right where I and the other lead thing were hanging and they would meld with our shape to make a larger lead shape.

A 3-d dimensional oval pressed against the dowel that was me and began to merge with me. I was happy to finally be getting a little more substance, but then the shape centered it's self with the original piece, and instead of stopping, it kept moving. So I was not symmetrical, with the square edges of the rectangle pointing out of one side of the oval.

All of this I was feeling with my hands, so I don't know how I was holding on any more.

Then i was Homer Simpson again. The lead part of the dream was completely over and never came up again.

The race I was in was some sort of Tarzan, vine swing, race. There was also some sort of Mad Max feel I got from it. It consisted of swinging back and forth across this X shaped course. I remember something about a candy that I had to have in my mouth. It was made of two parts, part was that metal looking stuff that they make the little round silver sprinkles for cupcakes out of, the other part was just green lollipop material. I was rectangular. there was a base of the metallic stuff, which was gold, not silver. Then there was a much thicker layer of the green candy, but there was a cross of the gold candy that came up from the gold base, through the green, and stuck slightly out from the top. It completely divided the green candy into four smaller rectangular shapes of two different sizes as the cross bar was not centered. I remember thinking that it must be some catholic dessert.

There was something else going on in my dream that I cannot remember, I think it had to do with cars, in a different race, and a girl, and a rectangular gray room that might have been an interrogation room. There is also the feeling of a staircase in a house and a large shared bedroom, like a hostel. All of that part seems like it was at night. I only have the feeling of it and not the real ideas.

So I'm swinging around the race track. The only problem was that Marge Simpson was also in the race, and I think also not supposed to be there. We were both trying to keep the other from finding out that we had joined. There was a scene with Lenny and Karl, and Moe telling me it was a good idea to do the race and also trying to warn me about Marge. There was something else at this point in my dream possible this is where the part I can't remember happened, but I can't remember.

Marge found out that I was there. We had a fight, but then I did something else stupid and she realised that she didn't care that I had been in the race, she still loved me, and in the end we were fine. We hugged and kissed.

Then the dream changed completely.

Now I was a normal, real human, non-cartoon guy. And I was getting my kids ready for the day, and school I guess. This was all done in a montage the to song Monday, Monday by The Mamas and the Papas . I had 2 kids at this point one, was a 16 year old girl, the other one was a boy around ten.

It started out with me and the boy outside playing catch in the snow, then I think I was helping him finish up his homework, then I was making elaborate lunches for them, and making breakfast as well. This was done with the help of my daughter. There was a scene where I was making very thin pancakes and flinging them across the room to a table. There were several takes of this where over and over my aim was not good, and the pancakes would slide off the other side of the table or up against the kettle or land someplace else silly.

The whole time this was happening with the misic overlay, I kept switching from the actual action, to a pencil drawn story board of the action.

The next scene was me trying to sort out which pancakes were still edible and noticing the time.

We were late.

So the final shot of the sequence was our mini van pulling out of the driveway with me saying "lets get McDonalds for breakfast", having destroyed almost all the pancakes, and it being to late to do anything else. The kids cheered.

Cut to my wife, already at work. She's in a building about 5 stories up in a room that has one wall that's all windows. Outside is a veiw that is supposed to be Washington DC. Just as we enter the scene she is hanging up the phone, she'd been talking to me.

She turns to another woman in the room and says, "He's running late, he's still about a hundred miles out, and it will take him an hour and a half to get here."

The phone was on a desk that faces away from the window wall. In front of the desk in the room are three couches postioned around a short table. The other woman is sitting on one of the couches. She makes some remark about not understanding how it could take so long to travel only a hundred miles.

My wife is a therapist I think, I don't know what I am, but I think I'm one too. she sits down next to the other woman and says "You've been unhappy even since you came to us. have you alway been unhappy?"

The woman says "No it's only since I came here that I'm unhappy, I was always happy before."

My wife says "What about January 12, 1996? how did you feel then?"

The woman says she was unhappy then too. My wife continues to name random dates, it becomes clear that the other woman has always been unhappy.

Then the scene completely changes. We are back at the house, my wife and I, standing outside out front door. At this point in the dream I know I only have one child, the boy, Micheal. My wife unlocks the door and pushes it open. As she does she says, "But Micheal was caught in the bomb. Don't remember?"

I realise that the whole Monday, Monday scene was my imagination or a memory. I look down at my feet.

"I do." I say.

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CëRïSë said...

Welcome! This is a seriously detailed dream. The second line made me laugh out loud.