Tuesday, March 10, 2009

mean little buggers

i guess i can count last night's dream in the reoccurring dream category.

i was hanging out with a group of friends at one of the friend's homes. these were dream-friends and not real-life friends. we were sitting around a kitchen table and were supposed to be figuring out how we were going to spend the evening but nothing was getting decided. at some point two of my "friends" left to run an errand and were supposed to be right back but they ended up doing something other than the errand and were gone for a really long time. i remember being pissed by this because i thought it was a rather inconsiderate thing to do. i was especially pissed because the entire time that we were hanging out and trying to decide what to do for the evening, i was being attacked by these tiny squirrel-y/hamster-y type animals that belonged to one of my "friends" (this is the part of the dream that is reoccurring - being bitten and attacked by small animals).

these little furry things were vicious and they were attacking only me and no one else. they would sink their teeth into my flesh and not let go. i would have to do all sorts of crazy things to pry them loose. once i would get one loose, another would attack. IT HURT. at one point i had one on my hand that i could not get get to release his bite, no matter what i did. i ended up running outside and finding a bush that was covered in thorns and i rubbed the creature across the bush, hoping the thorns would hurt it enough that it would let me go. it eventually worked but i had also succeeded in covering my hands in very painful splinters. the dream ended with me using my tweezers to painstakingly extract the multitude of splinters from my hands.

the pain sensations from the dream were so vivid that several times today i thought about how i needed to find my tweezers so i could remove splinters that weren't really there.


jessica said...

"To dream that you are being bitten, represents your vulnerability regarding some unresolved issues or emotions."

too easy.

Curly Sue said...

Wow. That's an intense dream. I bet you were still feeling that as you were waking up.

strovska said...

wow, that sounds awful. i was going to ask if you had ever looked up what it was supposed to mean, but i guess my question has already been answered.