Saturday, January 17, 2009

yay me?

i went to some sort of low-budget video-game/go-kart palace-o'-fun with my family. my great grandmother was still alive. within minutes of arriving a siren went off announcing that i had gotten the highest score ever for a super-mario-type game. my family got excited and i smiled and went on to the other games. i could see the games quite vividly, there were characters climbing up and down vines and i had to bop them whack-a-mole style (it just occurred to me that the whack-a-mole part was most likely influenced by an npr report i was listening to about unrest among the chinese people and how the government is attempting to play "whack-a-mole" to keep it under control).

a few more minutes pass and all sorts of sirens and lights go off and i am declared the highest scorer in the history of the place. i raised my hands in the air in a mocking "yay me" sort of way. i have zero skill or patience when it comes to video-games so even in the dream i knew it was an odd award for me to receive. at the same time i was both proud of myself and bored enough that i wanted to leave and go home.

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Yes Is A World said...

this sounds like quite a fun dream! even if you were bored by your winnings!