Thursday, January 29, 2009

furniture, not clothes!

Last night I dreamed that my husband and I were going to meet another couple to go for a walk (this is not a couple I've ever met, I just like the girl's blog). I was pretty happy about it because they seemed like nice, interesting people. It occurred to me that maybe she would be interested in helping us pick out a couch; as we were getting ready to go I noticed a nasty stain on ours (not our actual couch, but sort of an old, ugly, slip-covered Hide-a-Bed), which I tried to cover with a tan fitted sheet. It seemed like they were the sort of people who would have good input on a furniture purchase, and the extra people would buffer any spousal bickering that might ordinarily occur in such a situation*.

*Searching for a link about how couples always seem to bicker in Ikea, I found an interesting craigslist post from Melbourne in search of "someone near Ikea for a quickie".

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