Monday, October 27, 2008


I was at some sort of shooting range; there were tall towers that apparently launched clay pigeons or something of the sort. I met a friend from school there, but we didn't get to do any shooting, because he was going to start setting up for some sort of event. He's Persian in real life, and was apparently setting up a bazaar of sorts, I guess so he could sell things he'd imported--things like textiles. He was very excited about it.

As several of us were talking about it, he threw an arm around me and another friend. I really didn't like it, and squirmed and tried to move it, but he didn't notice. Finally, I shouted, "You are making me very uncomfortable and I don't like it! Please remove your arm!" Then he did, but I felt kind of bad that I'd had to be so overt.

Eventually, the bazaar turned into a party with a bunch of people, and we were in a big room. I was sleeping in a large bed in the corner of the room, and when I woke up, a woman was cuddling with me. At first I thought it was Demi Moore, but then I realized it was someone else's wife, though I could never quite place exactly who. She was beautiful and had extremely soft, smooth skin.

Then I was back at my high school, maybe for my sister's 10-year reunion (which will be in 2010). I went into the high school gym, only it was dark and tiny. Two sporting events were going on at opposite ends of the gym, and I saw a bunch of people I knew, including the English teacher for whom I worked all four years. She wanted a picture with me. There were actually lots of digital cameras in the dream; at one point I reached into my bag, and found not my camera, but two cameras belonging to other people.

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