Sunday, October 19, 2008


Friday night I had fairly vivid, episodic dreams all night long. Saturday morning I couldn't remember most of them, but a few did stick out.

-There were a lot of fat babies. In the dream, they were very cute, but upon waking consideration, remembering our exclamations over their multiple chins, I'm thinking they were morbidly obese.

-I was preparing two kinds of cheese and bread for some event. The bread I was just slicing or tearing (it was white and very soft), but the cheese I was actually making. One of the cheeses was orange, and the other one was white. The white was very soft, kind of like ricotta, and had some herbs or something in it. When I tasted it, though, it was bland and kind of grainy.

-I was at a wedding--with my dad, I think. It involved a huge parade to a specific location. The guests followed--and sort of became part of--the parade, behind costumed acrobats and the like. The parade stopped when we reached the destination, which was just the street in a nice historic neighborhood, with the setting sun in the background. We all stopped, and the officiant said something, to which the bride--who was very petite, with a small, white, heart-shaped face and dark hair (I think she may have been a character in a book I'm reading, Claire in White Oleander), responded. When she did, a lantern that someone had been holding went out, and everything went black. When I was able to see a second later, I had been whisked along with the crowd in the opposite direction, deliberately turning our backs on the bride. I "remembered" (whether I'd actually been told earlier in the dream or if dubious dream-memory filled it in) that it was some sort of gypsy (?) tradition, where because the bride had been unfaithful to someone else, the community shamed her by pretending to go along with the wedding, but then at the last minute, showing their displeasure. I felt bad about it.

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strovska said...

wow, those are interesting snippets. obese babies! cheese-making! obscure gypsy wedding traditions! (i like those dreams that include "memories" of previous knowledge like that.)