Sunday, October 12, 2008


I just went through and added the tag "CëRïSë" to the dreams I've posted here. Now it looks like that's the main thing people dream about, since it rose to the top of the links list, but I just thought it would be nice if we could read dreams by contributor. (Then again, it might paint a rather disturbing picture of my (our) subconscious(es)!)

I can only edit the tags on my own posts, but if you'd like to tag your own dreams with your user name, it's quite easy. If you set the posts per page in the "edit posts" area to 300, you can see all the posts at once. Selecting "all" will check the boxes for only your posts, and then you can select your tag from the drop-down menu. I had to add the tag "CëRïSë" to my most recent post and re-publish it before that tag showed up as an option in the pull-down menu.

I hope this all makes sense! If you all don't like the idea, I'm more than happy to remove the tags with my user name.


Yes Is A World said...

Yay. That's a great idea. I just did it to mine too.

And now I just have to remember to post here more often. Last night I dreamt about Spencer Pratt making me order office supplies. Yikes.

strovska said...

that's a good idea. i'll do mine when i have a chance (watch for them all to coincide with various celebrities).

strovska said...

you win on frequency, but i think i win on celebrity appearances and Most Lurid Tags (a dubious honor).

CëRïSë said...

"Most Lurid"--! That's hilarious.