Sunday, October 12, 2008


I appear to have had strange and vivid dreams all night. I kept ignoring my alarm this morning for a little more sleep; in my dream state, for some reason, I thought it was "bullet-proof," whatever that means.

One of the craziest parts was being back in my parents' garage, unpacking after a trip of some sort. I looked over at my brother, and he was wearing CRAZY shoes--they looked like an unholy cross between Pumas and mariachi boots, but weirder. They were mostly black, but with strange gold ornamentation and, weirder yet, a tall, cork, wedge heel.

I soon realized, however, that the boots were the least weird part of the scene. He was riding a bike to which was attached a... kiosk? storefront? booth display? I don't even know exactly what it was, except that it was several intersecting walls covered with merchandise on hooks. The merchandise was, I believe, Baptist VBS materials. In Spanish.

He peddled happily around and told me that he'd gotten a really good deal on it.


I Hope So said...

WOW. i can't decide which part of this dream i like the best. i think it's the gold, cork-screw heels.

strovska said...

i was happy to see that it was a Shoe Dream, so i wasn't ready for the spanish vbs materials and burst out laughing at work.