Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wedding Jitters

So it was the day before my wedding and I realize that I don't have a cake or a dress. At midnight I went dressing shopping with a friend and they kept bring out these awful mother of the bride suits with pink and yellow and purple and green sequins. I kept explaining that I wanted something whitish and very plain but they were not understanding.

Then we had to pick out the cake and this woman brought a hot pink layered cake out. The layers were all slanted on top of each other (in a nice, artistic way, not in a the cake was made really poorly way) but she warned us, "for some reason all of my cakes come out tasting like cookies. But I think this one tastes like cake." Then she said that she could add any flavor that we wanted to the vanilla cake and I immediately wanted lemon but realized The Boy hates lemon and I should go with orange. Everyone else at the table just shouted "Citrus!"

Then the wedding started but I was sitting in the seats and not up on area in front. They brought out bomb sniffing dogs and I was afraid they were going to find my pot and kick me out of my own wedding. Then the ceremony was over and I was ready to go home and could see that my college girlfriends were sad that there was no dancing so I tried to explain that the dancing would happen the next day.


CëRïSë said...

That is definitely one of the best wedding nightmares yet--so surreal and colorful!

I loved "something whitish." Ha!

I Hope So said...

hahahahaha! there are so many wonderful aspects to this dream. LOVE IT!

strovska said...

that's hilariously detailed. i especially like the part about the bomb-sniffing dogs.