Sunday, July 27, 2008

No Pets Please!

So I had this dream that I was living in an apartment somewhere with one of my coworkers. (In real life, she and I are acquaintances, but know each other from work). In the dream she loved pets. I agreed, since I have never lived with pets or owned a pet (this is true in real life as well), but I was willing to try it. I ordered the pets from this telephone service, and suddenly, I had a ferret, a snake, and 1 mouse. As the dream progressed, I was doing my weekly activities, which I was rushing to and realized I was late to because I was trying to find the pets. Suddenly, the ferret grew up and became large, the snake became 3 snakes, and the mice became 8. It was also weird because 3 of the mice were still attached to each other. To make it even more interesting, they had found themselves out of their cages, and I could feel them running by me around my feet, but when I attempted to catch them, they would disappear. After a day of trying to chase them around, I finally called the hot-line and asked them to take the pets back after finding them in my apartment. I was left with a feeling of knowing that my roommate would be disappointed and or angry that we got rid of the pets. I didn't wake up from the dream feeling scared of any pet as I would have thought of normally, which was a connundrum in itself for me. I guess I have the rest of the day to ponder this thought.

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strovska said...

that's kind of scary, especially them multiplying. it's also interesting how they were borderline-creepy pets and not mainstream dogs/cats/goldfish.