Thursday, July 31, 2008

doggie nightmare

I had a terrible, terrible dream the other night (morning?) just before waking up. I dreamed that my husband and I were on a trip and were going to stay one night in an avant-garde hotel. We were shown our room, and walked in to look at it. It turned out to consist of an empty carpeted expanse that slanted toward a one- or two-story dropoff into a lobby below. No railing or anything. Above this expanse was a white loft for sleeping (no furniture anywhere, although that didn't strike me as strange at the time). We had our dog with us, and while we humans were up on the sleeping balcony the dog lost her coordination, started slipping toward the edge, and fell over it.

It was awful! Of course she was dead, and I was crying hysterically (suddenly my mother was there for some reason, and also crying hysterically). To add insult to injury the snooty young staff members started talking about how "no one would be stupid enough to have a dog with them here".

I sometimes have dreams like this where I'm sobbing hysterically and I'm always curious as to whether I'm actually sobbing/hiccuping. I half woke up as I was crying in the dream and noticed that I was just breathing normally, although it was strange to be awake while still doing deep "sleep breathing".

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CëRïSë said...

I wonder about the crying thing, too. Occasionally I'll wake up puffy and feeling crappy, as though I've been crying, though I can't remember more about my dream than a general bad feeling. It seems more frequent that I'll have been crying in a dream and wake up with no trace.

A few weeks ago, I was keening in a dream and did actually wake myself up with some sound on my lips. That was one of those wrenchingly painful dreams that I suppose my body felt physically inclined to spare me from!