Wednesday, June 4, 2008

variety pack

Last night I had a dream involving Curly Sue (one of our illustrious contributors, who I happen to know in real life). I and several other people I knew (although I only knew them in the dream) were enrolling in some kind of educational program. It was semi-university, semi-short-term seminar/summer camp. I don't remember what I was studying--I was probably undecided, knowing me. She was already into her program, though, and it turned out that she was doing some kind of religious studies. She had to teach a class that she was apparently somewhat nervous about, although when she started in I thought she was doing a great job. It was kind of strange, though, because I couldn't figure out whether her course of study was the theoretical study of religion, or whether it was more "practical religion".


My husband and I are trying to buy a house (in real life), and we've been doing lots and lots of research on dogs so we can get one when we move out of our apartment. I've looked at so many dogs, both in person and online, that for a while every time I closed my eyes I would see dogs of all sorts. I was having a lot of dreams involving dogs, but the only one I can really remember is being somewhere with my mother and some other family members. There were a couple of very friendly pit bulls there, and my mother was so taken with them that she decided pit bulls were wonderful dogs, the ideal dog! This was extremely funny, since my mother is not a dog person in general and thinks of pit bulls in particular as "those dogs that eat their owners".


And finally...quite a while ago I had a dream about Madonna, who is not someone I normally devote a lot of thought too.

I can't remember a lot about the dream, except that I was employed in some kind of position where I was supposed to be putting together coffee-table type books, and the editors wanted to feature Madonna somehow (her house, maybe?). So I had to work with her on getting some things, and she was extremely nice, professional and helpful. She gave me some white, gauzy fabric with her initials in loopy red script all over it, and although I didn't like the idea of having her initials all over my garment I was excited because it was really nice fabric. As I was talking to her I was distracted trying to figure out what I wanted to make with it (some kind of billowy blouse). Her house was, as would be expected, very impressive and fancy, with big chandeliers and huge rooms covered in marble. Afterward I kept talking to people about how friendly and nice she was, although I was simultaneously embarrassed to be gushing about a celebrity.

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Curly Sue said...

Heh heh. Me, doing religious studies? Well, that's one career path that I hadn't considered yet.

I'm also wondering what "practical religion" could mean...