Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chocolate Kisses

i just started a new job about 3 weeks ago and consequently the work dreams have begun. in a recent dream, i was working on a file but kept getting distracted. i'd have to leave the file for a minute or two and whenever i'd come back to it, things would be missing or moved around. very frustrating, especially since i'm still new enough to not know what i'm doing yet so i get confused easily. had another work dream last night but can't remember it. funny thing, as i was waking from the dream this morning i told myself i needed to add it to the blog because it seemed so real.

i also dreamed about chocolate. i'm not sure where it took place but it was some kind of a public place. it was crowded and everyone was all headed in the same direction. it seemed kind of like it was at a mall or something. i'm in the middle of a big crowd. tons of people in front of me, tons in back of me. to the right of me are different vendors and they're all selling chocolate. for some reason almost no one stops at any of the stalls to purchase anything. i guess as a way to get people to stop and buy, the vendors are all tossing chocolate peices out into the crowd. some of the peices are small, like chocolate kisses. others are huge chunks, so huge that it's difficult for just one person to catch them. one vendor has thrown out an enormous piece that no one catches and i trip over it. i never catch any of the pieces being thrown, unfortunately.

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