Wednesday, June 25, 2008

dog dreams

We got a dog the other day, after about a month of doing lotsandlotsandlots of dog research (online, books, going to see dogs in person). During the research process there were times when every time I closed my eyes I would see dogs of all kinds, as well as having actual dog-related dreams. I think I already posted one of my dog dreams, but I had another one a while back. My husband had been wanting a really huge, mean-looking dog, and in my dream we were on a trip in Europe. He had heard about a breeder who had dogs like what he was interested in, so we stopped by to look. The experience was pretty intimidating, first of all because to get into the building where the dogs were we had to enter a windowless old building with very low ceilings and a door so low we had to stoop to get in. Then we entered the area where the dogs were, and although they weren't trying to attack us or anything, they were really big and scary. After we left he said he wasn't sure anymore that he wanted that kind of dog.

Then this morning I was dreaming mixed-up moving- and dog-related dreams (we also just moved in real life). The big thing I remember was that there were several other dogs around, coming and going, most of them either very small breeds or puppies. Our dog was very well-behaved in the dream, but at one point I saw her sniffing at something and then eating it. Too late, I realized that she had eaten a cut-off dog paw! It was a little brown-and-white dog paw with a little bit of leg, and some sort of tag attached to it. In the dream there was a legitimate, non-gross reason why this paw had been detached from its owner (who wasn't present), but it was still highly alarming and appalling to see her consume it so nonchalantly. I was also concerned because the tag seemed to indicate that the paw was a specimen that needed to be preserved and catalogued.


CëRïSë said...

Wow, that sounds anxietous! I wonder if the dreams will generally get better or worse now that you have Kawahara?*

*Not her real name

Curly Sue said...

Awful...I always have moving-related anxiety dreams when I'm moving. So I guess I can look forward to a few of those later this summer. Yay.