Sunday, June 29, 2008

Death & Urine

I had one of those awful dreams where a good friend (and ex-boyfriend, actually) of mine died. Apparently he died on the 4th of July. I found that out by stalking his facebook page and there were a lot of messages on the 4th. And another good friend of mine from college and my sister and I were hanging out, and she had to buy a congratulations card for someone so I thought I'd buy a sympathy card for his parents. One of those two picked it out and handed it to me and told me it was perfect, so I got it.

Then we went to the bungalow where we were staying, and on the way back the college friend was jumping around and running through the streets, and on one of the Madison Square Garden billboards was a giant picture of him.

At the bungalow I opened the card to read it and it was a really really happy card, more like a birthday card of exciting and interesting things you could do on that day, like "race racecars!" And I burst out, "What am I supposed to do, sign this card with, 'Look at all these things he'll never be able to do!'?" And I started crying unnaturally hard and then I ran into the bathroom, where I peed. I heard a door slam, and looked over and the bathroom door wasn't locked and was open a bit, so I went to close it and the rest of the room was empty, but then I heard another toilet flush from across the room. So I went back in and locked the door and peed again.

I then woke up with a painfully full bladder. It's seriously a good thing I didn't wet the bed.

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CëRïSë said...

That sounds like a pretty awful dream, but it is impressive that you managed to pee -twice- and not wet the bed!