Friday, May 16, 2008

...mmm, tasty...

***let me just start by saying that i would NEVER EVER do this in real life!!! it's completely disgusting and i can't imagine why i'd ever do such a thing, even in a dream***

i was visiting some kind of public place but i'm not really sure where. i have it in my mind that it's either a train station or a subway. anyways, the place is crowded and there is a toilet out in the middle of everything. no stall or sink or anything else you'd find in a bathroom, just the toilet.

so i'm eating this big doughy pretzel, one of the ones you get at the mall. apparently it must've been a little dry as i decided to dip it in the toilet water and continue eating it. i did this not once, not twice, but several times until the pretzel was completely gone.

and that's it, that was the entire dream -- just me eating a toilet water pretzel. the stand where i got the pretzel from must not have sold drinks too.

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strovska said...

! oh dear, i wasn't ready for this and almost burst out laughing really loud at work!