Friday, May 16, 2008

ball fringe?

I woke up in the middle of the night last night after a very detailed dream thinking, "that was a great dream! I need to remember that. Surely I won't forget it, it was so good." But of course I can't remember anything about it now.

Later I had a variation on the choosing-clothes dream that I have every so often. I was with some members of my family, nuclear and extended, and they were waiting on me to get dressed so we could go on an outing. At first I wasn't sure what the outing was, so I was leaning toward outdoors-appropriate clothing. I ran into a snag when I put on some jeans I have in real life and discovered that unbeknownst to me they had a big patch on the back of one of the legs with a cheesy picture of a motorcycle (in fluorescent colors) and lettering saying "Let's Ride!" or something similar. I was horrified that I had been wearing them all that time, thinking they were just basic black jeans.

Then my sister suggested that I wear a skirt because we were going to a museum. So I picked out an outfit that I was pretty excited about. I don't remember much about it, but it was a good outfit. The only problem was that I realized when I got it on (including tights, which I had to wrestle with) that my underwear was trimmed with some very over-the-top ball fringe which was now making lumps that showed through the skirt, all around my middle. I didn't know what to do because everyone was waiting for me and I had pretty much used up all my clothes-changing time.

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CëRïSë said...

It wouldn't let me look at the image link, but I'm pretty sure I can picture ball fringe, and that is hilarious. I seem to have those running-late-anxiety dreams kind of all the time.