Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lindsay Lohan

I don't think I could pick Lindsay Lohan out of a line-up, but I know that the GFY Girls don't like her leggings, and that yesterday I saw a guy wearing a T-shirt bearing her mug shot. Actually, I just looked at GFY's Lohan archives, and she looks nothing like she did in my dream.

In my dream she was gorgeous: very tall, and glowingly tan, with very long, honey blonde hair with straight bangs. Her hair came down to about her elbows, and I think she may have been wearing it instead of a shirt, for some acting role, and that the boys loved that.

And then somehow we ended up sharing the same bed. I'm still not sure why, except that I think we were sleeping over at a mutual friend's house.

Anyway, the next day, her security was back in force and we couldn't be seen next to each other. I was trying to take a picture of a display of teddy bears, and had my camera up and waiting. She and her man-friend came by to look, and security made me put my camera down in case I might take a picture of her.

I was telling my family about it later, how ironic it was that we could sleep in the same bed but then I couldn't take pictures of her. I was thinking about blogging about it, but then realized that I could be found out, and that maybe that wasn't a good idea.

Later I tried to buy tickets to a double-feature at the movie theater. They were $9, and I got a bill back from my 10, but the counter person took forever trying to explain to me how the double-feature tickets worked, and I don't think I ever actually got it. I went to another counter, where somehow we ended up looking at pictures on my laptop. There was one shot of tall trees in the snow, with the sun shining through a few falling flakes, and it was beautiful and made me want to cry, missing that scene.

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strovska said...

i'm so glad i'm not alone in dreaming about celebrities!

oh, and GFY is a favorite at-work time-waster. (and maybe is contributing to my celebrity cameo appearances?)