Tuesday, March 18, 2008


There were to be three weddings that day, and we were at one of them, sitting at a table in the back. Everyone had these fancy wedding certificates (I think one was a cheesy sunset with palm trees), and I realized that I hadn't filled mine out, even though--I realized at approximately the same time--I, too, was married.

I started to work on it, and filled in the blank for my own name. But the form was upside down, and I ended up writing my name about 1/4" above the line. I didn't fill in the groom's name, even though I was pretty sure he was at the table with me--and had filled in his own certificate. For some reason, I wasn't precisely sure he was actually the groom, and I also felt a little bit shy about the commitment. It wasn't the terror I've felt in other dreams of this sort; it was much more resigned, and maybe even slightly relieved.

Then the lamp fell on me and I woke up.


strovska said...

this is a funny addition to the lamp falling....

wedding dreams are weird. i always find them slightly unsettling.

Curly Sue said...

I wonder what the wedding theme in dreams means. Surely it's not as simple as being/wanting/not wanting to get married.