Wednesday, March 19, 2008

annoying snippets

I kept having unsatisfactory dreams this morning and kept hitting the snooze button in hopes of ending it up on a good note. Every time the alarm went off I was annoyed to realize that the dreams weren't getting any better.

A few snippets I remember:
  • I was younger and on a trip to San Francisco with a group of other early-college-age kids. They were somewhat wilder in appearance than most of the friends I've had in my life, and while this didn't bother me I was worried about my parents (who weren't actually there) worrying when seeing me with them. I did admire their strong individual styles, though. The annoying part of this dream was that there was a bisexual guy with extremely "gay" mannerisms who kept hounding me and another kid (who was the only person in the dream that I've known in real life). I was annoyed because the guy wouldn't leave me alone; worried that people would see his explicit overtures and get the wrong idea; and worried about the other kid, who I felt I needed to protect.
  • I was on a group trip to France. (Argh. Why another group trip?) My husband and some of his friends were there, and they wanted to rent a car to make a trip out into the country (we were at a chateau). I was supposed to get the car, but when I got in I couldn't find the brake, and discovered that it was an automatic and not manual (whereas I was trying to drive it like it was manual). I finally discovered that the brake was a tiny knob concealed in a depression off to the left, but not before I plowed into the side of a Mercedes parked in the chateau parking lot. After a couple of snooze-button hits, while on to another dream, I received a bill from the rental company charging me for the damage done to the Mercedes.
  • I was in another group setting, some kind of family-reunion type thing, except they weren't my family members. There was a really, really cute baby there and I was commenting to her aunt how incredibly cute she was. The aunt just gave me a worried look and said, "You're not connecting with her, can't you see? Look how she smiles at other people! {The idea being that the baby wasn't smiling at me like that.} You'll have to figure out what you're doing wrong and fix it."
Blah. What annoying dreams.


Curly Sue said...

I like the last one best. All of those dreams sound pretty distressing, especially the group quality of them.

CëRïSë said...

Yeah, those are the sort of dreams that could really put a damper on a day! They were pretty funny, though.