Wednesday, March 5, 2008

LP cozy?

I had a really mixed-up dream last night, but I do remember a part about knitting. I was knitting a red sweater, and amazingly it was turning into something I actually wanted to wear (it was especially amazing since I didn't have any instructions or pattern). I was making really fast progress and was about halfway done when I suddenly realized that in addition to being a sweater, it also needed to function as a storage device for a large stack of records (as in LPs). I was so happy with the sweater that I knew I had to keep the sweater function, so I was trying to make a separate, detachable knitted box for the records. The whole thing was shaping up to be like one of those "cozies" that people craft for objects that don't logically need any cozying. Unfortunately I woke up before the project was done.


CëRïSë said...

Oh, it is sad that you didn't get to see it through to completion; that would have been one rockin' sweater!

strovska said...

rocking, literally! it's a shame the sweater/lp cozy and your mangopeno pistachio parfait will never see the light of day. i've thought several times of that parfait, it just sounded so intriguing.