Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday night

It was Saturday night, and I had plans with friends. My neighbor called to see if I could give her and her boyfriend a ride to the ice skating rink, from which they would then meet up with other friends for a birthday party at the bar. I was headed the same way, so I thought it would work out, but for some reason was hedging a little bit. Then I realized that as I was pacing around on the porch in front of our house, she was too! She wasn't even on the phone, though I was; she'd been hearing my questions as I asked them and just answering them in person. Anyway, I hung up and in person we decided that I would get dinner, and then pick them up at about 6:45.

I went back inside my apartment and saw that it was only 3:21, even though it felt much later and was dusk outside. I found a book that, among other things, categorized every single one of the Star Wars figurines ever made, and somehow thought that my neighbor's sister would be very interested in it for her newborn son. She happened to be out on the porch with a bunch of other people, some of them playing guitars, but was just coming back inside because the baby had awakened. I showed her the book and she was fairly interested.

As I headed across the hall back into my apartment, I saw my reflection in the mirror. I was wearing a powder blue shirt that I realized my mom had sewn for me. It had a swooping round neck-piece/collar; a bust like Lyra's blue dress in The Golden Compass; and a fitted, strappy-looking bodice. At least, it was fitted in front, but as I turned around to look at the back, it gapped a little bit.

When I got in, I sat on my sofa and looked at earrings from my jewelery bag. A pair of silver hoops with tiny little dark blue sequins at the bottom looked awesome, and I thought about wearing them. On the stereo (apparently I hear in dreams, too, after all...) was a skipping CD of an impassioned version of Sting's "Fields of Gold," although it may have been a U2 cover, and had a slightly heavier feel. It made me feel kind of emotional, and I wanted to make a phone call, although I'd already talked to him for a couple of hours earlier in the day. Then my alarm went off, and I woke up still missing him and feeling a little sad.

Earlier in the dream, I was helping a grad school friend with a fundraiser. She was filling an old claw-foot tub with potting soil, with a little footstool in the middle and some other buried things, like a wagon wheel. People were supposed to guess how much just the potting soil on top of the footstool weighed (wrapped in a silver package, I think) and how much the entire tub weighed. At first, she was going to charge $30/guess, but then when I saw the banner she'd made later, it had a little starburst indicating $10, but said "donations encouraged." I don't know how much they were to win if they got it. I took a picture and posted it on my blog, and Curly Sue commented first.


Curly Sue said...

What an amazingly detailed dream. I've read somewhere (can't remember where) that dreaming sounds/noises like music is something kind of special.

And I'm excited that I'm appearing in your dream world as well. That's kind of trippy.

Yes Is A World said...

I love all the detail! I'm trying to work on remembering more details of dreams.

I Hope So said...

the detail that stands out to me most is you seeing a reflection of yourself in a mirror. what was that like? what did you feel when you looked at yourself? that seems pretty special to see yourself in a mirror in your dreams...

CëRïSë said...

Yeah, the mirror seems like some sort of special dream symbol, doesn't it? In past dreams where I've looked into a mirror, it has been a much more striking experience--mostly because my physical features have changed. In this case, I didn't really see my own face, mostly just the blouse, so it actually wasn't too exciting.