Wednesday, February 6, 2008

more violence and bangles

I had another violent and disturbing dream last night, although this was just a snippet. I was somewhere with my husband, some store or something that had a cat hanging around. It was a huge (three feet long) light-colored fluffy cat, but the first I saw of it was just after it had apparently scratched my husband. He got really mad because it had scratched him and pinned it against the wall while kicking its throat. It was horrible--I think it was even in slow motion. Fortunately right after that my dream switched to something completely harmless; I was staring at my left arm and wondering why I had four identical very large robin's-egg-blue plastic bangles. They even had little dark flecks like birds' eggs.


I Hope So said...

"pinned it to the wall while kicking it's throat"


do you watch a lot of violent movies? play violent video games? how does your brain come up with this stuff!?!?

the robin's-egg bangles sound lovely, though. i'd wear them.

strovska said...

the bangles were nice. i'd wear them too, although maybe not all at once (which means i could share a couple with you!). i have no idea why i keep having these awful dreams--maybe snippets of tv? it can't be video games, since i'm so uncoordinated i can't play at all.