Wednesday, February 6, 2008

how's this for blatantly symbolic?

i was leaving some sort of a hotel. as i walked through the lobby towards the exit, i passed my ex who was sitting with a group of friends. i ignored him and exited the hotel, with my little suitcase on wheels in tow.

there was an epically long wooden boardwalk that connected the hotel to the parking lot. i began walking this boardwalk, listening to the sound of my suitcase wheels thumping across the planks (i *do* hear in my dreams). after walking just a few feet away from the hotel, i came to a round table covered in brochures. i stopped for a moment to check them out when i heard the lobby doors open and someone walk up behind me. instinctively i knew it was my ex. he walked up and stood next to me at the table, hoping to get my attention. i laid down the brochure i was looking at and began walking again towards the parking lot.

i was nervous and very aware that he was following me. i tried to walk faster, but i had dream-legs (the kind that move slowly and feel all noodle-y). he continued to follow me, trying to catch up but always just a few steps behind.

finally a very large black man who was the hotel security guard came out of nowhere and made my ex return to the hotel. the large man approached me and told me that he "took care of the situation" and that i am now safe. i said something to the effect of "oh, he's harmless. i know him" and the security guard responded sternly that it was very inappropriate for my ex to be following me and that he needed to be stopped for my safety.

i continued walking down the long boardwalk, dragging my suitcase on wheels, feeling conflicted about what had just happened. i felt both a little disappointed that my ex never caught up with me and relieved that the security guard was so concerned for my well-being.


Cerise said...

Was it sort of empowering, too, ignoring him like that?

I Hope So said...

it was empowering... except for the part about being disappointed that he didn't catch up with me... just shows me i still have a little more letting go to do ;-)

strovska said...

there's something about the occasional blatantly symbolic dream that reassures me that i'm psychologically normal, so i guess you could take it that way, as reassurance. at least you're not having violent, celebrity-packed dreams....

Curly Sue said...

That's pretty intense. I've had dreams that are similar, in which I'm trying to escape someone from the past. I wake up shivering and nervous. Not my favorite ones.

I'm glad that you had someone on your side in this dream.