Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ice cream bar

I don't remember if I went to the drive-through because I wanted the chocolate-covered ice cream bar, or because I saw the ice cream bar on the sign and then realized I wanted it. Either way, I definitely needed the ice cream bar. When I got to the window, they said it was 24 cents. Apparently I had already given the boy at the window my debit card, though, because he handed it back to me when I tried to give him a quarter. Somehow the fact that the ice cream bar was $0.24 wasn't as surprising to me as the fact that they'd actually run my card for that amount.

The boy was very nice, though, and because I wasn't sure how to get back onto the highway, he drove me. Or had me follow him, in his white car. I don't recall now which it was.

He dropped me at a place that was supposed to be convenient to the onramp, but as soon as he left, I got lost again. On foot, I went looking for help, and found a church. Someone told me that if I went through a certain room and then through the garden, I'd be able to see the road I needed.

As I entered the room, an older woman seated just inside the door was crying. I hesitated, and wondered whether I should comfort her or if she'd rather be left alone. I put my hand on her shoulder, and said, "Ever since I was a dean, I can't just ignore someone who's crying." Or something like that. It seemed warm and compassionate in the dream, anyway, and she smiled at me and seemed to feel better.

Then another woman noticed me and asked, "Were you in Ohio?" She recognized me, and her face was familiar, but neither in the dream nor now can I think of her name (now I can't even recall her face, except that it was roundish, and that she had wavy light brown hair). I felt a bit like an awkward celebrity.

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