Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the cell phone murderer

I took my cell phone on vacation to use as an alarm clock, and most of the times I set it at night I forget to choose a nice ringtone, so it ended up being that hideous AT&T default da-da-da/ da-da-da/ da-da-da-DUH! The last night we were there I had a terrible dream right before waking up, pretty blatantly stolen from Japanese horror-movie plots. I dreamed that there was some sort of serial killer afoot, and he has choosing his next victims based on a complicated equation generated by cell phone ringtones. When your phone went off, his computer-like brain would quickly analyze it to see if it matched up with the pattern he was looking for (kind of like the meter categorizations of hymns in the hymnbook). I don't know how he was capable of hearing all these cellphones going off, but apparently in addition to the computer-like brain he also had extraordinary aural perception.

Anyway, I was dreaming this for the first time just as my cellphone went off, and I had to grope for it, terrified, trying to shut it off before he could parse the rhythmic code and locate me. The worst thing is that I put it on "snooze" and had to repeat the terrified scrabble to turn it off when it went off again five minutes later.


CëRïSë said...

Oooh, that is super-creepy! I can only imagine the sorts of things my own subconscious might crank out if I watched Japanese horror movies...

Curly Sue said...

I'm amazed that you could go back to sleep!

And I have the hideous AT&T default ringtone as well. I just haven't found anything better. The other ones that came with my phone are so hideous that they make the AT&T song bearable.