Thursday, January 24, 2008

roller skates and russia

i was on a day-long date. he carried me around on roller skates. it took forever for us to get to this show that he was very excited to take me to see. we climbed up the bleachers and sat at the very top. it was here that i realized that the show would not start for another three hours and that i had forgotten all about my 11pm flight to russia. i apologized profusely as i told him he needed to take me back to my parents house immediately because i had not yet packed. he was irritated though he was trying to hide it. i began to worry about finding a warm enough coat to take with me and became frustrated with myself that i hadn't packed earlier. i also got nervous because i would be going to russia on a space shuttle and i really wanted to spend time with my family before i left. my date used a combination of roller skates and a car to get me back home. i felt bad that our date had not turned out as he had hoped and i rushed out of the car so as to avoid an awkward kiss.


Cerise said...

Ahhhh, the lateness-packing dream! It's an anxiety classic in these parts.

Yes Is A World said...


That is hilarious. I'm still laughing.

"i also got nervous because i would be going to russia on a space shuttle"

Yep, still laughing out loud. I wish I had awesome dreams like this.