Friday, January 25, 2008


I was teaching a Level 5 class of about 15 junior high students. It was near the end of the class, and I was trying to wrap things us, but I didn't have any of my class notes, and had no idea what came next.

I ended up saying something like, "So, today, we've been reading things. You've been doing some reading." I realized this sounded terribly lame and I strained my brain, trying to remember what I was supposed to say.

Then I realized that my supervisor was there observing me, standing just outside the door. I came up with something fairly intelligent to say, but then my entire class decided to be rebellious. They all started standing up and trying to leave. I kept commanding them to sit down and listen, but as soon as I'd get a few to sit down, others would be standing. Then they started sneaking out while I was trying to get the others to sit and listen.

Since I haven't taught any of these reading classes in about five months, I'm pretty sure this one represents anxiety about the sections I'm teaching this semester (in which, thankfully, no one has--yet--stood up and left).


Yes Is A World said...

I can't imagine trying to teach. I'm sure I'd have a dream like this every night... or that would be my reality. Yikes!

Curly Sue said...

I've totally had dreams in which my students won't listen to anything I say. They keep talking, walking around, leaving early, etc.