Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tale of a Mansion

I thought I would get to my computer as quickly as I could so I wouldn't forget the only dream I remember from last night.
I was in a large house, quite like a mansion, in a room with a few friends. Two, I recognized, and the others I didn't. The two friends that I knew were being catty with each other because one was telling the other what to do and the other was being defensive about it. I said something (cant remember what) to stop the argument and the defensive friend muttered something under her breath, to which the friends near her started whispering with her. I was angered by this and called the defensive friend the "b word" and stormed out of the room which surprised the rest of the friends. I walked into a room that it was all white and there were other people that I didn't know in the dream in this room. I realized I needed to use the restroom, but they told me I couldn't. When I peered into the toilet there was a spoon and an blue object inside. They told me to use some hand sanitizer and I would be fine. I was happy with this answer and started to move throughout the house.
I saw three of my friends from childhood who asked me nicely to leave, but I told them that I wanted to get a drink at the party outside before I would. They agreed to let me have a drink and then leave.
I walk outside, and there is a pool party with a lot of people. I suddenly find myself with a towel that is holding my wet hair and another around me. Then I'm suddenly naked in front of party, but only a couple see me as I cover myself with my hands (the towels disappeared, I guess). I jump into the pool and realized that I am swimming really fast. Then, I suddenly see a middle school crush, who becomes very interested in getting reacquainted. My next thought is that I realize that I have a swimsuit on. I stop swimming and start to talk with him and start to pinch his shoulder, which he has no problem with as we walk out of the pool.
(I realize this dream does seem a bit disjointed, but that is how it was in my head!)


Curly Sue said...

Wow, that is surreal. You can't make this stuff up.

strovska said...

yes, very surreal. i particularly like the detail about the white room (kind of matrix-ish). i also think it's kind of funny that you had both the having-to-go-to-the-bathroom and the being-naked-in-public elements in one dream.

oh, this is funny--the word confirmation is tedape!