Saturday, December 8, 2007


Last night I dreamed that I was working in a cavernous office building. It was partitioned up into rooms, of course, but I knew this place was big. I was working, talking to coworkers, and I noticed that on the gigantic laser printer in our area there was an open Cool Whip tub sitting on the paper tray. I wondered vaguely why, until someone sent a print job to that printer. Slowly, the Cool Whip tub inched its way toward the edge of the printer until the paper pushed it onto the floor. Its contents turned out to be a viscous purple liquid. It had a strange smell, so the company started to evacuate the building, because no one was sure if this was toxic or not. We walked out into the parking lot, but no sooner had I arrived, than the entire building exploded in a huge fireball. Suddenly, I was so worried because I knew that my sister had been in the building too. I was running toward the building, but I couldn't go in, of course. I was asking everyone where she was when I saw her. I was crying and hugging her, so happy she was alive. It suddenly became clear that the Cool Whip tub had been some kind of warning, whether from the bomber or just coincidental.

Later, it turned out that my mother's house had been a part of the explosion as well, and that whatever had been in her house had also been destroyed in the bombing. I wasn't too worried because my computer and my important stuff is all at my apartment, but for strange reasons, I was still worried.

Here are the strange reasons: earlier in the dream, before the bomb, I had been subject to some kind of inspection, in which the guidance counselor from my high school (cameo role, I guess) had to inspect my apartment. He was nosing around my desk with a mini Maglite and discovered an envelope containing $974. Well, I was so happy that I was crying, because I was broke in the dream (and in real life). I realized that this was pay for a job I'd done years ago, and had despaired of ever getting paid for. Somehow the envelope had gotten wedged behind my desk drawer for the last five years.

Anyway, fast forward back to the bomb dream. Now that my sister was alive, I was hoping to find the $974 because that was going to make my life a lot easier. I found it eventually, while I was riding in the back seat of a very tiny car (sort of like a Geo Metro). I was on my way to my grandma's to sleep because I was so tired.


Cerise said...

Oh man, that's a good one! They keep having bomb threats at the U, but they haven't made it into my dreams. Actually, my dreams have been so fractured and non-narrative recently that I'm not sure I'd notice if they did.

Ellen said...

You've just redeemed yourself because you were worried about me.