Saturday, December 29, 2007

The House is Disappearing

I'm in a several story house by a lake. A bunch of my friends are over for a party and we head over to the balcony and I notice that part of the house is missing. The section that is gone looks like those WWII movies where just a corner is gone and only rubble is there, but it's really dark.

My friends don't really care but I head over to investigate, but when I get there an even bigger chunk is gone and it's totally dark. I see a door, one of those really heavy doors with a latch and the white paint had sealed it shut. I open the door by kicking it and it opens to a living room. I go into this unexplored floor and someone throws an empty beer can.

A little boy...down the hall runs right to me, and of course I immediately wonder how he got in there and how he took care of himself. I was expecting some kind of demon spawn, but he looks okay. I guide him out of the "new floor" and everyone that sees him starts to back off; some even drop their drinks.

I turn to look at him and say, "Oooohh $hiiii...." It's at this point I woke up.

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