Sunday, November 18, 2007


So I guess I'm a little obsessive about my cheeks. I've always been skinny, but until recently have had a relatively round, pudgy face. Three and a half years of grad school has made me a bit more gaunt, but it's been kind of nice to finally see a semblance of cheekbones.

Last night, though, I dreamed that although my cheeks had become really quite sunken, my face still looked kind of lumpy. I realized that it was because my cheeks were resting against three large teeth on either side of my bite, which meant that instead of gentle hollows under my cheekbones, I had these three vertical lines on each side. It wasn't a good look.

I think the solution is either better bathroom lighting or more truffles! Mmmmm, truffles...


Curly Sue said...

Definitely better bathroom lighting is important. I'd rather shower in the dark than wake up to a fluorescent light in the bathroom.

Maybe you're retaining some anxiety about orthodontia as well.

Thee Hidden One said...

truffles do sound good..too bad we cant choose where our naughty foods go...well there is always botox, but I dont think you are moving in that direction :)