Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby Gifts

One of my mom's friends was pregnant, so my mom bought her some baby gifts, like 2 entire dressers full. We called her to tell her to come over, but she never showed up. Finally my mom left and The Boyfriend and I were hanging out with the gifts. I held up a brightly colored boat and asked why they would buy that. He laughed and said that I'd have to play with it to see. It was some sort of magically contraption that used magnets to pull the boat through the water so the baby could follow it.
He then informed me that you could stack broccoli between the boat and the magnet, or any veggie really, and it would still work. He was really excited, but I didn't understand why you would put broccoli in a toy that went underwater.
Finally my mom's friend arrived. The Boyfriend thought we should hide. I thought that was rude and that we should open the door, but not let her see the gifts. But she busted through anyway and walked into my bedroom to see the gifts.
She was like a movie version of a high powered executive. Ordering us around, talking on her cell phone, power suit, all of that instead of the nice suburban mom I remembered.
And then the alarm went off.


Cerise said...

Wow, craziness! The broccoli bit was especially amusing.

Did you really have to set your alarm to get up before 6:00 on a Sunday? Ouch.

Yes Is A World said...

no, the alarm actually went off at 8ish... this wouldn't have been posted until at least 8:45. Maybe since I'm an east coaster and a west coaster set this blog up??!

Anyway, 8ish alarms on Sundays still aren't too fun, but I went to bed early last night, so it'll all good in the hood.

Thee Hidden One said...

Interesting..the broccoli was amusing as well.