Friday, October 26, 2007

Troubled waters

I was in my car when I started up the bridge, because I remember one of the workers holding out his hand for me to stop as I approached, and then motioning that I could continue. It looked like it was under construction, or perhaps just being built, like the new bike bridge on my commute to school.

By the time I got near the end of the bridge, though, things were definitely not finished, and I was on my own; I was now on my hands and knees crossing the widely-spaced rungs of a swinging bridge. As I was struggling with it, a guy passed me, and then he got the single-passenger circular orange transport-thing that would take him to the other side of the river. It was meant to travel on water, which seems odd given that we'd just crossed a bridge, but the logistical aspect that most concerned me at the time was how I would get across if he was taking the only transporter. He assured me that there was another on the other side, which satisfied me at the time (dream logic!).

When I crossed the bridge, I realized I needed to pack my suitcase before I got on the transporter. I knew I didn't have much to pack, but found myself packing and packing. Suddenly I realized I had two suitcases, both with clothes in them, that I needed to consolidate into one. About that time I became aware that I had been spending waaaaay too long on this, that I was at my aunt and uncle's house, and that I was about to be late for my flight. Thankfully my aunt agreed to drive me to the airport if I could cross the street and meet her on the other side--whatever that means.

I keep having these packing dreams; this is at least the third this week. First, I dreamed I was repacking my suitcase on a bus trip and missed the bus. Then a few days ago, I dreamed my family and I were going on a trip and that I was trying to grab things at the last minute, because I hadn't packed at all. There's the general anxiety of being late and about to miss my ride, but there's also the guilt about my tardiness and inability to get it together. I want some pleasant travel dreams!


I Hope So said...

oooh. those packing dreams are so stressful. i hate those.

strovska said...

urgh. i second that packing dreams are stressful. every once in a while i have a semi-nice one, though, because i get to choose from a whole wardrobe i didn't know i had (which usually consists of lots of 1 similar item, which brings us back to the stressful part).